Dressed to Kale

For my junior year design course under the instruction of Kelly Holohan I created a restaurant identity, Dressed to Kale. Dressed to Kale is all about creating salads so high-end that they are destined to be on runway. The imagery was created to seamlessly tie together greens and fashion. The typography was chosen to emulate the classiness of high end brands.

The logo was something we wanted to be sleek and mainly relate to the high fashion yet also have something a bit playful to tie in the food. After many iterations of different fashion symbols we landed on a hat with a plume that could easily be substituted by a kale leaf. Didot was used for the logo typography, as well as the rest of the brand, due to its elegance and strong association with the fashion world. This mark was contained in a rectangle with a little bit of the leaf poking out to keep it playful. The menu and brand manual were inspired by Vogue magazine. All of the layouts, imagery style, and type style were techniques pulled from various parts of the vogue magazines.