So this is me…

Adorable child and creative adult. I am still obsessed with incorporating loud colors into my artwork but fortunately for my mother I have outgrown using the wall as my canvas. As someone who is very curious about the world I can be found doing a variety of activities outside of work. The boyscout in me likes to spend time hiking, climbing, and caving. The Misty Copeland in me likes to perform choreography while the chicken is in the oven. The pantsuit in me likes to debate politics with whoever will listen (aka my clock radio). The Bill Nye in me likes to listen to Ted Talks and shove nails and pennies into lemons. And the Spice Girl in me likes to take glitter showers and collage my favorite fashion week looks.

In my artwork I like to explore just as many different paths as I do in my personal life. Fresh out of school there is still so much for me to learn through other people and my own experimentations. I love to create bold pieces and push the boundaries of the guidelines that a project lays out for me.

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